Super Mario Bros. Official Trailer


A second trailer for the upcoming Super Marios Bros. Movie was release this week at a new Nintendo Direct presentation. It was only 6 weeks ago, we were treated to the first teaser trailer. The trailer gives fans a closer look at what to expect from the film when it releases in April, including a chance to hear Anya-Taylor Joy’s take on Princess Peach, and see Donkey Kong. Nintendo had teased the trailer with a glimpse inside Peach’s Castle yesterday, leading many to suspect that the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom would take center stage in today’s trailer. We did get to see just that, as well as a glimpse at several other elements, including Tanooki Mario, the presence of Mario Karts, and even a whole bunch of Yoshis!

From what Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment have revealed thus far, The Super Mario Bros. Movie seems to adhere closely to the earliest elements of the Mario canon. That means story beats that haven’t been referenced in recent games, such as Mario and Luigi originally hailing from Brooklyn, while Princess Peach and the Toads come from the far-off Mushroom Kingdom. The movie will also include characters that played a more important role in Mario’s early history, like Spike and Cranky Kong. As a result, later fan favorites like the Koopalings probably won’t show up until the sequel.

The best part of the trailer for us was seeing the whole Mario Kart feature. This is an instant sell in seeing the movie.

Let us know what you think Mario fans

Super Marios Bros. is due to hit cinemas here in Australia on April 6th 2023 with the international release on April 7th 2023

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