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A Bathing Ape® x Havaianas


Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
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Havaianas collaborated and co-designed an exclusive collection with legendary Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape® (BAPE®). This exclusive collection features the all-time favourite Havaianas Top silhouette in three colourways Rosa (pink), Azul (navy), and Verde (green). All styles have been decked out with the iconic BAPE®’s signature camo print, transforming the flip-flop into a cult fashion staple.

The exclusive collection launches in Australia on the 7th of August at 9AM on for $80 AUD. For the people in Melbourne they can purchase the iconic Verde (green) camo style exclusively at the A Bathing Ape® (BAPE®) x Havaianas truck. If they can find it, that is…

In line with the launch on the 7th and 8th of August, the A Bathing Ape® (BAPE®) x Havaianas truck (concept store fitted out in the style of the iconic BAPE® flagship stores) will be hitting the streets of Melbourne, dropping clues to its location. The truck will be the only place in Australia that you will be able to buy the Havaianas Top BAPE® Verde (green).

For clues to the A Bathing Ape® (BAPE®) x Havaianas truck’s whereabouts in Melbourne, keep an eye on @havaianas.australia Instagram account this week.

“With BAPE®‘s signature camouflage — the ABC camo — we want to share Japan’s streetwear culture with the world. Building on our vision ‘APES TOGETHER STRONG’, we are excited to join forces with Havaianas and blend our ABC camo with their iconic flip-flops to make the ultimate summer collaboration,” says BAPE®

Havaianas and BAPE® have a lot in common — they exist on the streets, they’re versatile to wear, and they’re so ubiquitous that anyone can recognize them instantly. Some people only associate closed shoes, especially sneakers, with the fashion we see on the streets, but we want to change that. Streetwear is underpinned by authenticity and comfort and this collab proves we can leverage those attributes to another level,” says Fernanda Romano, Alpargatas CMO.

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