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G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary REMASTER BLACK Collection


Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand, CASIO has announced the release of the newest additions to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. The four REMASTER BLACK watches will feature bands imprinted with all the model names of past milestones of G-SHOCK models, whose innovations have forged the evolution in the unending pursuit of toughness.

These 40th anniversary shock-resistant REMASTER BLACK timepieces feature a band imprinted with the names and launch years of past G-SHOCK milestone models. From more than 4,200 models launched over the past 40 years, Casio has chosen 49 G-SHOCK models to represent the innovative advancements in structure, function, materials, and design the brand has delivered over time. These model names are imprinted on the REMASTER BLACK band with a hot-stamping process that impresses the lettering into the band, for a textural, indented effect. The overall design is in G-SHOCK brand black accented with gold-coloured stainless steel band loop.

These latest timepieces are based on four perennially popular models: the DW-5600, which inherited the original iconic G-SHOCK shape; the DW-6600, the first G-SHOCK equipped with backlight; the analog-digital combination GA-110; and the GA-2100, with its unique octagonal bezel. The new DWE-5657RE, designed based on the DW-5600, comes with an interchangeable round DW-5700 bezel to deliver the fun of two different looks in one timepiece.


In addition to the anniversary logo engraved on the case back, a star is engraved on the button on the lower left side of the case for three of the models, and on the watch glass at the 40 minute mark for the GA-114RE. On both the DWE-5657RE and the DW-6640RE, the anniversary logo appears when the backlight is lit.

The bezel and band are made with bio-based resins for less environmental impact. The newly developed modules employed in the DWE-5657RE and DW-6640RE provide a high-brightness LED backlight and battery life of five years. The special packaging for these models is made with recycled paper to help promote a circular economy.

List of Models Imprinted on Band

Launch YearModelFeature
1983DW-5000First G-SHOCK
1984WW-5300Low-temperature resistance structure
1985DW-5400Round design (base model for the DW-5700)
DW-5500Mud resistance structure
1987DW-5600CG-SHOCK in iconic DW-5000 shape
1988DW-500Compact G-SHOCK in iconic DW-5000 shape
1989AW-500First analog G-SHOCK
1990DW-5900G-SHOCK with triple graph digital graphics
DW-60001/1000-second stopwatch
1991DW-5600BColour variation of DW-5600 model
1992DW-6100First G-SHOCK with thermo sensor
1993DW-6300First FROGMAN with diving water resistance
1994DW-6600EL backlight
DW-001Capsule Tough construction
1995DW-6900Triple graph digital graphics with EL backlight
DW-8200Second-generation FROGMAN made with titanium materials
DW-8400First MUDMAN with mud resistance structure
1996MRG-100First full metal MR-G
1997DW-9100First RISEMAN with thermo and pressure sensors
1998DW-9300RAYSMAN, the first G-SHOCK with Tough Solar system
1999GC-2000First MT-G with innovative design combining metal and resin
2000GW-100ANTMAN with radio control
2001G-3000G-SHOCK with dual-layer LCD in customizable display colours
2002GW-300First G-SHOCK with solar-powered radio control
2003GW-1000Analog-digital G-SHOCK with solar-powered radio control
2004MRG-2100MR-G with DLC coating and solar-powered radio control
2005GS-1000First GIEZ model with solar-powered radio control
2006GW-9000MUDMAN with Multiband 5
2007MTG-1000Analog MT-G with solar-powered radio control
2008GW-M56005600 model with Multiband 5 and solar-powered radio control
2009GWF-1000First FROGMAN with solar-powered radio control
2010GW-3000G-SHOCK with centrifugal gravitational force resistance
GXW-56GX line with large cases
GA-110Analog-digital model with large case and dimensional dial
2012GW-A1000G-SHOCK with Triple G Resist structure and Smart Access
2013GW-9400G-SHOCK with Triple Sensor
MTG-S1000MT-G with Core Guard structure
2014GPW-1000G-SHOCK with GPS-controlled and solar-powered radio control
MRG-G1000MR-G with Clad Guard structure
2015GWG-1000Triple Sensor MUDMASTER with dust-, mud-, and vibration-resistant structure
2016GWF-D1000FROGMAN with water pressure sensor
2017GST-B100G-STEEL with Bluetooth® connectivity
2018GMW-B5000Full metal DW-5000
MTG-B1000MT-G with box frame construction
2019GA-2100Analog-digital G-SHOCK with octagonal bezel
GM-5600Metal-covered 5600 model
2020GBD-H1000G-SHOCK with heart rate monitor
2021GSW-H1000First G-SHOCK smartwatch
2022MRG-B5000MR-G with original G-SHOCK iconic design
202340TH ANNIVG-SHOCK 40th anniversary

The G-SHOCK GA-114RE, DWE-5657RE, DW-6640RE and GA-2140RE will be available for purchase in May 2023 at select retailers and For more information about the G-SHOCK brand, visit To stay up to date, make sure you sign up to our newsletter.  For more CASIO and G-SHOCK features, click HERE.


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