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R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo


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Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
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R’ART’GS is a collaborative effort between a pool of creative minds in the design field and contemporary artists in specialised crafts. By combining design and art, R’ART’GS aims to fill the gap in the market for art-centric people who are looking for a next level form of decorative piece for their collection.

Working with renowned craftsmen such as tattoo artists, illustrators, R’ART’GS aims to produce unique crossover collections that will cater to both interior as well as art collectors. Each R’ART’GS piece comes with a special label that denotes its very limited quantity production run. 

Our inaugural market launch is a first of its kind; a collaboration with Steel Heart Tattoo, a Singapore based tattoo studio. Available in two exclusive designs. Limited quantities for worldwide purchase. 


A mainstay of the tattoo community and culture, Japanese tattoos are incredibly influential and illustrate a bevy of beautiful and majestic creatures, inspired by the Japanese mythology and iconography.

As such, the idea to share these beautiful stories through an alternative art form was born. 


R'ART'GS x Steel Heart Tattoo, R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo

Often referred to as the “King of Beasts”, Karajishi or “guardian lions” are another popular character from traditional Japanese folklore. Statues of these lion-like mythological creatures have traditionally been placed at the entrances of palaces and temples to chase away evil spirits, hence them being well-known symbols of courage as well as guardianship.

R'ART'GS x Steel Heart Tattoo, R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo

These creatures are a common sight in traditional Japanese tattoos, but contrary to what their name implies, they aren’t really dogs at all. They’re actually descended from Chinese lions, which are known as shi and considered the king of all beasts. Because of lions’ natural instinct to protect their own, they became seen as talismans of protection with the power to ward away demons, hence wealthy families started commissioning statues of them to guard their homes and temples.


R'ART'GS x Steel Heart Tattoo, R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo

The Kirin is another chimeric creature of Japanese folklore, and his rare appearance marks the passing of a sagely leader or ruler. Kirins are seen as a good omen, signifying a better tomorrow achievable through the reflective process of mourning. They are traditionally rendered with the body of a deer, head of a dragon, the scales of a fish, hooves of a horse, mane of a lion, the tail of an ox, and a set of – or single horn.

R'ART'GS x Steel Heart Tattoo, R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo

Kirins are considered the unicorns of traditional Japanese tattoos, not only in the sense that they’re rare, but in that they are literally the Eastern cousins of unicorns. These mythological creatures actually predate unicorns by hundreds of years.

The Karajishi and Kirin are now available for pre-order at Make sure you check R’ART’GS Instagram page for more upcoming releases

R'ART'GS x Steel Heart Tattoo, R’ART’GS x Steel Heart Tattoo

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