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Melbourne Urban Culture Unite at EGO EXPO 2022


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Ego Expo has once again ignited the streetwear and lifestyle culture in Australia back into motion. Events now coming back into play, Ego Expo 2022 show cases some of the Nation’s most fashion-forward and entrepreneurial individuals this weekend.

Ego Expo 2022, Melbourne Urban Culture Unite at EGO EXPO 2022

With over 2 years of covid its left the Australian Culture community a little dry in the streetwear world. But now with the easing of restrictions the Australian culture community has come together to create a spectacle for the people to see at Ego Expo. Some of these are exciting upcoming Brands that have been preparing and cultivating their pieces during lockdown to release to the public. Then there’s the other seasoned businesses preparing your favourites that are pleasing to the eye.

Ego Expo 2019

But the great thing about Ego Expo is that its not just about the Urban streetwear community. Multiple vendors in the entreprenuerial space are there to exhibit their wares for the whole family to see.

Ego Expo 2022, Melbourne Urban Culture Unite at EGO EXPO 2022

The must see activities you’ll witness during this 2 day event:

  • Fashion eccentric brands showing their take on styling culture
  • There will be numerous sneakers on display for you to glance and awe
  • Music that keeps your heart and blood pumping to a beat
  • Dance battles that will make your raise your eyebrows
  • Unique art that makes your question your beliefs of culture and lifestyle
  • Delicious food to quench the fires of your hunger and thirst
  • Highlight reel basketball performances
  • Plus plenty more

In addition to that you know its going to be an exciting event when Big Brands are even joining in on the fun to sponsor the event. Brands such as Foot Locker, Redbull, AS Colour, Sneaker Doctor, Angelus Paints, 5PM Beverages and Vintage Customs.

Also to put a nice cover on things, Ego Expo 2022 will be donating $1 from every ticket sold to raise awareness for mental health and suicide. Aligning themselves with Lifeline Australia charity for a good cause.

So if you haven’t yet, check out Ego Expo to support Melbourne urban culture and experience some of what the locales are cooking up. If you know what you’re looking for, you won’t be disappointed.

Ego Expo 2022 is this weekend, 26th -27th of February at the Meat Market venue (Blackwood Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051). Tickets are now available at

Ego Expo 2022, Melbourne Urban Culture Unite at EGO EXPO 2022

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