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Afew Goods ‘Ballpark’ Collection


Jay Mijares
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Remember when you weren’t able to watch any movie you wanted at any time? Many may not remember commercial breaks = toilet breaks during movies, or video rental shops, but it was a wonderful era. It was always a highlight for us when a certain movie aired on TV, or our parents rented it from the video store to surprise us. Things like that were always a source of great excitement.

The Sandlot‘ (1993) was a popular movie that really touched a lot of people when they were young. It was about friendship, joyful summers, as well as growing up and learning together. Many of us would look back at this movie with nostalgia and fondness.

Afew Goods tried to capture this feeling and the kids’ styles in a small capsule collection entitled the ‘Ballpark’.


The Afew Goods ‘Ballpark’ collection includes a Striped Tee (€55 EUR), Ballpark Tee (€45 EUR), the Sandlot Cap (€48 EUR), and the highlight of the collection, the Baseball Shirt (€85 EUR). The colours and graphics are inspired by the movie. The baseball gear and the tops are all made of 100% Heavyweight 240grams/m² Organic Cotton and feature a comfy Loose-Fit. All items are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified, fairly and sustainably produced in Portugal, and refined in Germany.

The Afew Goods ‘Ballpark’ collection will be released at the Afew Goods web store on Wednesday the 22nd of September at 12:00PM CEST. To stay up to date, make sure you sign up to our newsletter. For previous Afew Goods features, click here.


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