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Cosmonauts Spacewear Celebrates 4 Years


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Cosmonauts Spacewear continues it’s cosmic journey around the galaxy for it’s 4th year and what better way to celebrate it, with a limited edition drop.

The limited edition tee boasts a chewy purple colour with vibrant bubble gum graphics. Seeing this makes our mouth long to just put a piece of rainbow gum into it. The tee also gives the beyond inspiring statement to “Blow Me Up – To New Heights.” Words we all wish our views on social media eventually does.

Cosmonauts Spacewear, the star cluster clothing brand, has grown from leaps and bounds to where it is today. With their styles ranging from outerwear, bottoms, tops and even accessories. Known for its comic book style theme with projecting the stories of the heroic Vlad and friends. They make travelling the universe fun.

Cosmonauts Spacewear Celebrates 4 Years, Cosmonauts Spacewear Celebrates 4 Years

Cosmonauts Spacewear is very thankful for the all the supporters its amassed through the years from all areas of the Earth. Celebrating with Nebula Confetti Cake and Red Dwarf Pepperoni Pizza.

So click here to get your party hat on and come join Vlad and the gang to the Cosmonauts Spacewear website and grab a tee while stocks lasts because these could run out faster than the speed of light.


Cosmonauts Spacewear Celebrates 4 Years, Cosmonauts Spacewear Celebrates 4 Years

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