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Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
@thekickzstand @itsmorethanjustsneakers #succeedonpurpose

ELACESTIX are the latest laces that make it easier for you to wear sneakers, with ELACESTIX you don’t need to tie your sneakers anymore.

What’s Inside 1 pack of ELACESTIX Laces.

1 Pair of ELACESTIX Laces (1.5 meters) – These laces are made from selected rubber raw materials, making the consistency and comfort of a high level on your sneakers.


4 x Plastic Hooks – Made from the finest fiber resin plastic, this small tool will hold the laces firmly, so that the laces will not come out of place, with whatever activity you take.

4 x Clip Lace Head – Specially designed to be a whole of the ELACESTIX lace overall design, it is very minimalist in design and can be dislodged if it will be adjusted in the future.

Very easy to install ELACESTIX laces on your sneakers. Check out this short video…


You can now purchase ELACESTIX laces on our shop.


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