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atmos x adidas Consortium EQT Prototype


Moé Masano
Moé Masano
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The first ever collaboration between atmos and adidas Consortium has finally happened in the shape of the new model “EQT Prototype atmos,” exclusive to Japan.

For those who aren’t familiar, adidas Consortium is adidas‘ top-of-the-line segment that expresses new ideas and silhouettes, mostly through collaborations and special projects. Their products are only available at limited stores around the world. For us Aussies, you’ll only find three stores nationwide. Their partner store here is Highs and Lows, all located in Western Australia.

Now, back to EQT Prototype atmos. The concept for these sneakers is race photography and sense of speed. The adidas Equipment logo on the side of the shoe has a motion blur effect to make it seem as if it were moving at high speed. These sneakers have a beautiful design with a translucent overlay, tasteful camouflage in yellow and grey, and bold black segments. When you walk, the bright splash of yellow on the sole shows, like a flash of electricity.

Both the brands’ logos are on the heels, in solid black. But the three stripes of adidas are bright yellow, complimenting the camo. As for the adidas Consortium and adidas logos, you’ll find them on the tongues.

This will be a rare model which you can only get at atmos. A few lucky purchasers will even get a book about the history of EQT via lottery.

The EQT Prototype from atmos and adidas Consortium will go on sale at the atmos Shinjuku store and A.T.A.D from Saturday, October 2, 2021.

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