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361° Big 3 Future ‘Pink’ Nikola Jokic PE


Derrick Narciso
Derrick Narciso
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Showcasing the low-top kicks version that NBA Champion and former MVP Nikola Jokic is using to propel his team towards another NBA Championship drive.

These are the 361° Big 3 Future in the ‘Pink’ Colorway used by the MVP during the 2023-2024 NBA ALL STAR GAME.

These sneakers impress with their incredible lightness, achieved through super-light, breathable, and durable mesh uppers, courtesy of 361° C!LK Carbon Fiber technology and synthetic frames. The Morphit Tech in the forefoot and midfoot ensures a secure lockdown.


Fork-like eyelets on the forefoot, paired with the Morphit shroud, secure the front of the foot, while midfoot tensile wires act like seatbelts. A thickly padded heel counter contains the heel and ankles, enhancing lockdown and eliminating slippage and dead space, providing a seamless connection between foot and shoe.

361 Big 3 Future, 361° Big 3 Future ‘Pink’ Nikola Jokic PE

A notable feature is the midsole construction. Quick CQTech foam on the forefoot ensures quick responsiveness, while Quick Flame CQT on the heel provides superior cushioning upon landing. Sandwiched between them is the carbon fiber Soar Plate, which creates a supportive, low-to-the-ground feel for excellent court feel and explosive movements. The RB rubber outsole with a unique circuit-like traction pattern ensures exceptional grip on all court surfaces.

These amazing sneakers, fit for an NBA MVP, are now available to us at!


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