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Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60


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Philips has announced its launch into a new category of appliances with a first-of-its-kind Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60. A portable, one-stop solution to make cleaning sneakers effortless, quick, and efficient. The automated cleaning device will help sneakerheads keep their beloved sneakers spotless, dazzling and fresh as new.

With the growing sneaker enthusiasts and the sneakerhead community in Australia, there is a need for solutions that help consumers take care of their shoes and collectables. The new Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 is a portable device that makes cleaning your sneakers a seamless, hassle-free and affordable experience. No more money spent dry cleaning your shoes or keeping your sneakers wrapped up, far from. The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 comes with three different and effective bristles and a water-resistant head to give your sneakers a spotless fresh look, all at a touch of a button.

Key features of the Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 include:


Fast and efficient cleaning:
The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 outperforms manual cleaning methods, reducing time and effort by automating the rubbing and scrubbing. Offering optimal multifunctionality, the device comes with three different brushes. The Soft Brush is for multipurpose use, ideal for mesh and canvas. The Hard Brush for thorough cleaning of tough surfaces like textured rubber or shoe soles. The Soft Sponge for delicate materials like PVC, leather, and suede. It also has a water-resistant head that protects the device during use.

Advanced Technology backed by a powerful battery:
The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 rotates at 500 RPM, and it has an IPX5 waterproof rating. The device has a 6V efficient 4 X AA battery with an 80-minute run time. Designed to function quickly and effortlessly, this device is an ideal must-have for all sneakerheads.

Light and Cordless:
The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 weighs 0.35 kg and is cordless which allows you to carry it around easily. This is the perfect tool to make the process of cleaning sneakers seamless and quick. It is ideal for on-the-go students, job seekers or travel enthusiasts.


The Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 is now available at your local retailers. Priced at $49.95AUD and it comes with a 2-year warranty. For more information on the Philips Sneaker Cleaner GCA1000/60 please click here. Make sure you sign up to our newsletter, so you can stay up to date! For other Technology features, click HERE and for Sneaker features, click HERE.


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