Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Sega’s Mega Drive Mini is Almost Here


The Mega Drive Mini is almost here and just like Nintendo and Sony before them, they’re ready to release their take on the Retro Mini Consoles.

Sega isn’t a stranger when it comes to releasing retro consoles. In fact, they’ve been releasing them well before the Nintendo and Sony first-party offerings. They were partnered with AT Games at the time and they weren’t good at all, plagued with bugs and a lack of decent game titles. This time round they’re partnering with M2 who are well known for their awesome ability in emulating and porting games.

Sega have been handing out review copies to the media, and the reviews look very promising. From the quality of the unit and the attention to detail to the original Mega Drive. The games run really well from what we’ve seen and the User Interface is done well. If there was anything to nit pick at, it would be the 3 button controllers which have been bundled in with the unit. While constructed well, it would have been nice to get the 6 button version for games such as Street Fighter II.


The Mega Drive Mini hits our shores on September 19th and retails for $139.95 and will come with 42 games which contains some of the best titles Sega could offer from the 16-bit generation.


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