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Dior x Jordan 1 / SB Dunk: BESPOKE IND


Marc Dela Rea
Marc Dela Rea
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Jordan brand and Dior collaborated recently to create Jordan 1 High/Low cut sneakers, which have been the most anticipated and luxurious collaboration between the two brands, making every sneakerhead wish they could get their hands on a pair. While on the other hand, BESPOKE IND have created and designed their own take on the “UnObtainium” sneakers.

Damian Sim, Creative Director of BESPOKE IND, has integrated quality materials that utilises the Dior monogram onto a Jordan 1 and on the a Nike SB Dunk Low.

Dior Jordan Nike BESPOKEIND, Dior x Jordan 1 / SB Dunk: BESPOKE IND

Materials such as calf suede, tumbled leather, kangaroo and vege-tan have all be woven and combined together with the Dior French Silk.


There will be 2 different colourways that will be available, Ink Blue and Burgundy Red which just screams elegance and luxury.

If that wasn’t enough for you, BESPOKE IND have added some special features on these works of art. Silver or brass linkage was made so you could carry around these sneakers like a Dior handbag.

This unbelievable pack will be available at on the 4th of July, 12:00PM AEST or the 3rd of July at 10:00PM New York GMT-4 time.


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