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Titan 10th Year Anniversary Collaboration with Jordan Brand


Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
@thekickzstand @itsmorethanjustsneakers #succeedonpurpose

Titan was founded in 2010, it’s the first and only basketball specialty concept store in the Philippines. To celebrate it’s 10th year anniversary and Michael Jordan‘s global impact on the game, Titan collaborated with Jordan Brand with two landmark silhouettes – the Air Jordan XX3 and the Air Jordan XXXV. Each continues the legacy of an icon and intros Jordan Brand to a new generation seeking a bold aesthetic like never before.

The iconic XX3, along with its innovative use of technology, craftsmanship and materials in its time, perfectly represents what Titan finds most inspiring about the man and the brand: an unmatched ferocity and a sophistication equalled by no other.

The XX3 represents a landmark moment for the Philippines as well. The 2008 drop of the
‘Titanium’ colourway ignited a movement, serving as the catalyst that bridged hoop culture to the mainstream; opening the floodgates that led to what the local sneaker scene is today.


The latest Jordan Brand signature game shoe, the XXXV, represents the ultimate expression of pinnacle basketball performance. Titan is committed to championing Jordan Brand’s innovation agenda, and continues to be an active participant in shaping the future of the game.

Similar to what the XX3 was in 2008 at the start of a movement, the XXXV in 2020 is a symbol of limits being pushed in the boldest, most innovative way possible – a representation of the perfect balance between performance and style.

Jordan Brand and Titan a sanctuary for the game in Manila, both on-court and off. From the Greatest Ever and from the home of the world’s most unique passion for hoops – working together to grow the future of basketball culture.


Jordan Brand and Titan are forever changing the game. Always, For Love of the Game.

Release Dates:
23rd of December 2020 – TITAN (TITAN22.COM & The TITAN App)
29th of December 2020 – Global Release Date
23rd of January 2021 – North America


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