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ASICS x IAB Studio GEL-1090™


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ASICS and IAB Studio are teaming up once again, officially introducing their second collaboration project on the GEL-1090™ silhouette. The ‘GEL-1090 AI-2’ draws inspiration from the ASICS’s best selling shoes of the SportStyle category.

The new collaboration draws unique sensibility of IAB Studio with a colour composition, emphasizing dramatic conflicts with the concept of competitive composition, fighting with oneself, and sport spirit. Much like the duo’s first collaboration that released in Spring/Summer 2020, the design crew sincerely captures the weight of the project by not only developing a concept of the product, but also creating the key object for the key visual.

The four-legged sculpture wears two different shoes from ‘AI-2 collection’. The awkwardness itself clearly represents the point what IAB Studio aim through the collection, while it seems to be a bit awkward to see the sculpture wearing shoes and clothes, not a human being. Imagining the future time of when AI-2 approaches evenly to all, we created an abstract sculpture, given a role of a model, not to feature ‘anybody’.

The feet created for a global image are only ghostly and smooth, while creating a rough atmosphere, as if those are the parts of a sculpture from the future. This helps observers imagine the different time zone of the sculpture while assigning a future time to the shoe at
the same time.

Seoul-based IAB Studio is the art crew founded by Korean hip-hop artist Beenzino. From cover art for famous K-pop musicians to remarkable collaborations with brands and cooperation, IAB Studio came across as a smash hit among young and consumers.

The ASICS x IAB Studio GEL-1090™ will be available in Black/Lime and Lime/Black colourways and are made in limited quantities, the second collaboration of ASICS and IAB Studio is slated to drop on selected retailers around the world on the 15th of January. Now available at Up There and Sneakerboy

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