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Way of Wade 8 Performance Review


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My Personal Top 5 Sneakers - Air Max 1 OG - Air Max 1 x Atmos - Air Max 90 x DQM 'Bacon' - Air Jordan 1 'Banned' 2011 - Air Jordan III 'Black Cements' Instagram:

Has the perfect basketball sneaker finally arrived?!?

With playground restrictions easing off a bit in Victoria, Australia we were finally able to give the Way of Wade 8 a decent run on the outdoor courts.

When the Way of Wade 8 was unveiled in ComplexCon, two models was brought out by Dwyane Wade himself. A model with a conventional lacing system and dual-boa style laceless version that reminded us of the Puma Disc System. For this review we used the conventional laced-up model called ‘Cotton Candy.’

Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review
Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review

FIT: 5/5

The WOW8 has brought back the strap, albeit situated closer to the forefoot. We found this strap extremely supportive. It held our forefoot in place during our side to side explosive push-offs and quick breaks. TPUs that look like fingers and ocean waves cradled majority of our foot in place. This kept our foot locked-in and prevented foot slippages inside the kicks. Majority of the uppers is made of Codura Fabric Tech. For the uninitiated, Codura fabric is commonly used in military uniforms and gears because of its durability, lightness and ability to wick away moisture. Unlike, nylon and cotton blended fabrics most commonly used in today’s ball kicks, the Codura fabric on the WOW8 does not have that dreaded stretch effect that happens during sudden stops (feels like your foot is falling off the kicks). Another amazing containment feature of the WOW8 is the racing bucket seat inspired suede heel cup. Targeted padding on crucial parts of the heel makes the ride comfortable but at the same time keeps our heel and ankles in place. We personally felt going true to your size is the way to go, although we have heard reports of going .5 down is also acceptable.

Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review


The WOW8 blended two amazing cushioning technologies in their stable. First is their tried and tested Cloud Cushioning and the second (which is fast becoming our favourite) is the BOOM Cushioning. Cloud Foam is dense and rigid while the BOOM Cushioning is highly responsive. It felt like the perfect marriage on feet. We also noticed that the moulded BOOM Cushioning reminded us of a more compacted and smoother BOOST. A true carbon fiber spring plate reminiscent of the Jordan XI is found underneath the midsole. It provides amazing torque stability, energy return and reduces overall foot-fatigue.

Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review


A solid performing All-Condition Rubber was used extensively in the WOW series, so why mess with a winning formula? Dwyane Wade’s logos adorn the entire translucent sole that provide the main source of traction. While we were only allowed to play outdoors with huge amounts of dust, debris and moisture, the WOW8 performed excellently. Not once did we experience any massive slippages and spills. Imagine how well the WOW8 would perform on the hardcourt. The outriggers found on the lateral side of the foot provide amazing protection from foot out-rolls during quick push-offs and directional changes.

Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review
Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review

LOOKS: 5/5

The aggressive aerodynamically designed WOW8 looks amazing. The sneakers are well built, no loose threads, no way-ward glue stains and the materials used scream premium. The incorporation of the number ”8″ on the lacing system is also aesthetically pleasing and works well with what the overall theme of the sneaker is trying to achieve. While others felt that the oversized WADE LOGO on the heel can be too much, we felt that it was just the right statement to make for this particular sneaker. Several easter eggs can also be found around the sneakers that adds to the overall design appeal. The ‘Cotton Candy’ colorway in particular feels like it stands-out in any street wear and basketball setting.

Way of Wade 8 Performance Review, Way of Wade 8 Performance Review


Literally, WOW!!! The Way of Wade 8 is the recipient our first perfect score! It felt like the Sneaker Gods have answered our prayers and included all our favourite elements in one dope sneaker. You literally get what you pay for. No short cuts were made during the production of this sneaker. The Way of Wade brand has literally hit a home run with this performance beast. We also recommend the other fire colorways that has been released like the ‘First Born’ and ‘Liberty.’

While the price point of $292 AUD may have prevented ballers from purchasing the kicks right away, the 5% Off code: ‘TKS’ still applies and Sunlight Station has now introduced the LAY BUY purchasing system. Get the kicks now and pay later!!!

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