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Melo to ‘Ball’ out in Puma


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Another player added to the Puma roster is LaMelo Ball. We all know him for his on the court performance and also off court actions with his Father’s lifestyle choices.

Melo joins a young star studded collection of other players such as Deandre Ayton, Kyle Kuzma and Michael Porter JR. But 2 of Puma’s biggest acquisitions comes in the form of music icons Jay-Z and J. Cole.

Melo to Ball out in Puma, Melo to ‘Ball’ out in Puma

Melo states, “Puma’s been making waves since their comeback to basketball, not just on the court but for the culture,” Ball says via e-mail. “They’re doing big things and are the new wave of hoops.”


Melo also goes on to say that he likes the fit of how Puma ties in basketball, music and fasion all together. This way he can freely be more himself with his creative vision.

Finally Melo states that there are big things coming for Puma and that he also can’t wait to get into the NBA.

Melo to Ball out in Puma, Melo to ‘Ball’ out in Puma

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