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Under Armour Flow Velociti SE


Jay Mijares
Jay Mijares
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Under Armour Run’s newest model, the Flow Velociti SE, follows in the footsteps of the Flow Velociti Wind with its all-in-one cushioning system that allows you to keep running for miles. The new Flow Velociti SE running shoe enhances the feeling of light and effortless speed with the absence of sensation in the upper—producing an incredibly balanced experience with several added comfort benefits.


When creating the Flow Velociti Wind—the first shoe within the Flow series that launched earlier this year— the Under Armour footwear innovation team focused on a simple idea: how to create a shoe that’s built for speed and breaking barriers. The solution was to remove the heaviest part of the shoe – the outsole, without sacrificing durability or traction. The Flow Velociti SE features the same cushioning system that is responsive, grippy, and supportive all in one. The singular-foam compound eliminates the rubber outsole, enabling Under Armour to create an innovative, high-traction running shoe. Despite sharing this midsole, the Flow Velociti SE is entirely its own shoe within the Flow family, complete with new technology in the upper that offers a different experience for the runner.


The new Flow Velociti SE provides unparalleled responsiveness, energy return and grippy traction that allows you to run with confidence. New for the Flow Velociti SE, the upper of the shoe is a flat knit with mechanical stretch, great breathability where you need it, and structure over the metatarsal for added support and security. The upper of the Flow Velociti SE features a clean simplistic look that’s one with your foot, with infused woven TPU yarn around the midfoot and heel. The strength of the TPU yarns adds security with minimal weight. This gives the runner a more secure and consistent fit over the life of the shoe — a unique design to Under Armour knit uppers.

The new balanced Flow Velociti SE gives the runner an absence of sensation while commanding speed. A full knit tongue and added cushioning around the collar and heel ensure premium comfort during any run. It is also digitally-connected to MapMyRun, offering real-time, personalized coaching tips to improve form, helping athletes run farther and faster.



Under Armour Flow disrupts the design of a traditional running shoe by completely eliminating the rubber outsole, reducing the 2-3 ounces of weight that it adds, on average, from a traditional running shoe. Under Armour Flow is the lightest midsole technology in Under Armour’s current running line-up, bringing unparalleled lightweight cushion and long-lasting technology to the run category. The foam has naturally sticky traction, so traditional bulky overlays of the past aren’t needed.

Under Armour Flow came from the minds of Under Armour’s Footwear Innovation Team in Portland, Oregon, who partnered with some of the world’s best material science companies to bring a completely new footwear experience. They focused on the simple idea: how can we make it feel like the wind is at your back with every stride? The solution: think outside the box by eliminating the traditional rubber outsole completely, all while providing comfort, flexibility and traction with every step. 

The development of Under Armour Flow was executed in partnership between Dow and the Under Armour team including Innovation, Product Design, Biomechanics, Athlete and Consumer Insights groups, and many others – with over fifty people involved in collectively bringing this new technology to fruition. Over 130 elite athletes ran over 11,000 miles during the wear testing process during the Under Armour Flow development process. 


There is precedent for athletes outside of running who are experiencing the uniqueness of Under Armour Flow technology. The Under Armour Flow midsole technology made its debut in the basketball category with the launch of Stephen Curry’s signature shoe, the Curry Flow 8, under his new namesake brand. Working with the basketball legend meant the performance team could leverage their learnings across categories, and design footwear solutions for athletes across different sport verticals. 

The Under Armour Flow Velociti SE is now available at, Footlocker and rebel. To stay up to date, make sure you sign up to our newsletter. For previous Under Armour articles, click here.


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