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Puma Suede VTG MIJ Neo Classic


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Foot Locker atmos Japan GK is soon releasing the stylish PUMA x atmos x DustyChamp x QDS quattro collaboration sneaker, the ‘Puma Suede VTG MIJ Neo Classic.’

QDS (Motomichi Q Sekimura) worked on Japan’s first bespoke sneaker shop in the 90’s. This time, he has teamed up with atmos and participated in directing PUMA’s masterpiece, ‘Suede,’ again.

Sekimura says, “There is a story behind this special collaboration. There were shoes that never made it to the market called ‘RaBiD’ “(INSUNFLOWER x TECTECK x HIDE AND SEEK). It had customised colours, and it was designed with BMX and skateboarding in mind. However, it became a phantom pair as they never made it past the sample stage.”
“The colourway of this new collaboration reflects extreme culture and longing for the Californian lifestyle, with the theme of industrial rock.”

Kevlar fibre is used for the foam strip, gold for the outsole and stitching, and suede and leather for the upper material. And the quality of MADE IN JAPAN (aka MIJ), has definitely given it the perfect finish.

Apparel and accessories complementing the sneakers are part of their release; thanks to the cooperation of DustyChamp, the BMX line of HIDE AND SEEK, which also helped plan ‘RaBiD.’

The Puma Suede VTG MIJ Neo Classic will be available to the general public on Saturday, February 12, 2022.

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