Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Event Recap Video – New Era x Champion Collaboration Launch


Marc Dela Rea
Marc Dela Reahttp://youtube.com/c/KIXPLORE
Sneakers and Travel. My ULTIMATE combination. Do what you love and everything else follows

The streetwear brand giants New Era and Champion have taken their talents to Australia where they have launched a very limited collaboration piece in the land down under. This is where they revealed their latest creation that was designed with the concept of the traditional 8-panel headwear piece that is rightfully called “The New Era x Champion Wool Cap.” Which gives away hints of the baseball aesthetic back in the day.

With the unique Navy Wool Pinstripe Fabric to provide that hipster vibe, how could you say no to this timeless piece? What makes it more tantalising is that it was only made in the rare quantity of only 200 caps. So you better get a move on trying to score this piece.

All of this went down on the 12th of December in the inner city suburb of Fitzroy they dropped the collab at the Doomsday store.




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