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Forge a Path to Greatness with Pokemon Sword and Shield


Earlier today, Nintendo and Pokemon Company announced the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield game to be released for the Nintendo Switch at a recent Nintendo Direct Event.

Your Starters for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Check out the first three Pokemon you will be meeting when you start you’re new adventure in the Galar region.


Pokemon Sword and Shield will be set in a region known as Galar. This region is packed with many types of environments which include huge cities, lush green countrysides, thick forests, and snow-covered mountains.

You’ll be visiting the various gyms in the Galar region, aiming for the enviable and admirable title of Champion! This is something refreshing to the fans of this franchise, as this was something removed in the previous Pokemon game, Pokemon Sun & Moon back in 2016.

, Forge a Path to Greatness with Pokemon Sword and Shield

Explore the Galar Region

There is no definitive release date as of yet, from what’s been announced, it’s looking be likely late 2019.


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